FAQs & Advice

We've compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions and advice.


We take your safety right at the heart of all glass supplied by us and we would be grateful if you could take a few moments on reading the below advice on the handling and fitting of your splashback.

What Type of Glass Do You Use?

Your splashback is made in 6mm low iron toughened pilkington glass and conforms to BS 6206-EN-12600. We only use toughened low iron glass in all splashbacks that we supply unlike some of our competitors who use standard float glass. Normal float glass can distort the image or colour as the iron content gives a slight green appearance to the glass. Low iron glass gives a much sharper colour and image and therefore a better appearance. All splashbacks are polished, this is where the edge of the glass has been machined in order to give a smooth surface to the edge of the glass. Your splashback will arrive safely packaged and all packaging should be removed carefully and on a flat surface.

Measuring Your Splashback

Please use a standard tape measure and give all sizes in mm. Allow a 2mm tolerance all round your splashback if being fitted in an alcove or between walls. Remember - measure twice and fit once.

Handling Your Splashback

Your splashback although made from toughened glass should be handled with care and should never be placed directly on any hard surfaces such as floor tiles, granite worktops or tiles. Remember your splashback is prone to shattering if the edge of the glass comes into contact with these surfaces especially as the glass is at its most vunerable when it is not fitted to the wall. Stand your splashback upright on wood or carpeted surfaces and try to fit your splashback asap. Always wear gloves and protective glasses when handling your splashback. Always keep unfitted glass in a safe place and keep away from children.

Fitting Your Splashback

Please ensure you have checked that your splashback is of the correct size. Apply either mirrofix glue supplied by us or a good quality silicone to the back of the splashback. The back of the splashback will have a protective foil backing and the glue should be applied to this. Use a silicone gun and apply the glue in lines down the splashback. Make sure a gap is left between the glue and the edge of the splashback, this prevents glue coming over the edge of the splashback when pressed onto the wall avoiding a mess. Make sure the wall the splashback is to be fitted is free from any loose materials and the wall is relatively flat. Sit the bottom of the splashback onto the wall, ensuring that it is sitting on 2mm spaces and not directly touching the worktop, cooker or tiles, have the top angled out towards you, therefore the bottom is now directly touching the wall and the top is angled out towards you. When you are happy with the position gently push the top of your splashback onto the wall. Apply light presure to the splashback. Please leave the spacers for 24hrs under the bottom of the splashback so the adhesive has adequate time to set. Once the spacers have been removed silicone can be used to fill the 2mm space left by the removal of the spacers.

Cut-outs and Sockets

If you require sockets or cut-outs to your splashbacks please contact us for more information.